IWATA GS-01 LED Video Light

The latest simplified GS-01 is even smaller than a common smart phone, weighs only 136g.

* Simple appearance with metallic feel
* The shell is made of aviation light aluminium
* Made of new type LED bulbs, which significantly reduce the thickness of the product, much slimmer than the old type of LED bulbs.
* The built-in 94 LEDs are developed under the latest standard of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) TLCI-2012: CRI is over 96, TLCI is over 98
* IWATA's in-house constant current technology: No flicker effect under any brightness and colour temperature.
* Control circuit board is embedded US chip: Reliable and allow accurate control on the brightness, colour temperature and battery remaining capacity.
* Easy to operate: allow quick adjustment the brightness (from 5% to 100%) and colour temperature from 3000K (warm yellow) to 5500K (clean white light).
* The built-in 2300mAh high-capacity lithium-ion battery support continuous lighting: 100% brightness (Up to One Hour),  5% brightness (Up to 18 hours).
* Simple Battery Capacity display
* Support battery charging by external power bank through Micro USB interface, allow power charging during operation.
* The unique OLED monitor can display the remaining charging and battery capacity.
* More environmentally friendly, durable and convenient when compared with traditional AA-Batteries LED light device.

Iwata-Tech Genius Sweet (GS-01)