About Iwata

Iwata Corporation Ltd. was established in Tokyo, Japan by Yamamoto Nei. Yamamoto Nei has a profound understanding of what industrial researching and developing is all about: technical innovation based on high reliability makes long-lasting vitality. Only products, which come from technology advantages and lean manufacturing, can be branded with Iwata. Products like these bring value to the society. Afterwards Iwata has expanded the product line from the field of industry to civil use, this standard seems too strict. However, the first principle Iwata Corporation Ltd. always adheres to and will never change is: “advanced than others, endurable than others.”


Iwata has set up trading companies in Hong Kong SAR and Beijing, R&D center in Guangzhou. In 2016, Iwata started to step in the field of civil photography and developed photographic LED light by trademark Iwata. From 2017 Iwata began to use trademark iwata-Tech. The precise design style is extended to the wider field of consumer electronics. Iwata is continuing its effort to develop remarkable products.